Vinicio Perez, our English speaking Birdwatching Guide offers tours in and around Mindo and EcuadorVinicio Pérez, the owner of the Birdwatcher's House Hostel and restaurant, is also a seasoned English speaking tour guide in Mindo and all Ecuador. He is born in the Mindo region and knows the area like he back of his hand. Learn more...

Vinicio: Guide in Ecuador


tour_especial_02Three years ago the La Paz family, who lives near Mindo, started worrying about the forest, so they decided to transform their property in a protected reserve, which is located in a cloud forest in the northwest of Ecuador, so the family began to domesticate some of the species in the reserve.

They started looking for worms and offered them every morning for two months to the birds and now you can easily find amazing animals that are rare and spectacular to see. For example the Andean-cock-of-the-Rock,Giant Antpitta, Yellow-Breasted Antpitta, Ochre-Breasted Antpitta, Moustached Antpitta, Orange-Breasted Fruiteater, Olivaseous Piha, Oilbir etc.

tour_especialIn this one day trip we leave from the Birdwatcher's House with the guide to see the Cock-of-the-Rock, and go to see their special mating dance, later we on we will go to see the Antpitta bird. Fruiteater, Woodpecker, and the very colorful Tanager. Lunch. Later in the afternoon we will go to see the Oilbird in the caves. After that we will go on to spot more different species...

Follow us on a spectacular tour to look at these beautiful creatures. If you are in the neighborhood, or in you are hosted in the Birdwatcher’s House, you can hire one of our most spectacular tours.

With us everything is possible, so feel free to ask if you have specific questions or desires.
Please note that we are the specialists in Ecuador for birdwatching tours throughout the country.

Cotopaxi - the highest active volcano in the worldPrice: This one day tour costs: USD 194 for one person, USD 135 for two person and USD 85 if three persons or more join this tour.

This includes: Guide, transport from the Birdwatcher's House to the Reserves, admission for the Reserves, Breakfast and Lunch.

This doenst Include: Transport from/to Quito, dinner, or extra's.