Bird photography tours

Upon request, Birdwatcher's House will organize photo tours to any destination within Ecuador. Whether you are a guest at Birdwatcher's House or staying anywhere in the Mindo area, we can organize Day Tours or Extended Tours to the best places in Ecuador to photograph birds, we remind you that each of these reserves are completely different. , which have different species of birds. The list of sites includes:
The list of sites includes:
River Reserve, Silanche ReserveAntisana Ecological Reserve. Milpe
Mashpi Amagusa ReserveSantadeo Birding
Alambi Hummingbirds SantuarioQuinde Luna Reserva
Suamox ReserveAntisana Ecological Reserve
Guango LodgeSan Isidro Cabins
 Wildsumaco LodgeJocotoco Foundation Reserves (Currently they have 11 reserves throughout Ecuador)

Hummingbird Garden

Birdwatcher's House's colorful hummingbird garden will take your breath away, as you can spot more than 15 species of these fascinating creatures in a single day. Honoring the name of the area, "Paseo del Quinde" or path of the hummingbirds, a total of 38 species of hummingbirds have been registered at Birdwatchers House, eight of which are endemic, feeding on natural flowers and drinking fountains. This ensures a good number of species visiting at the same time, interacting with each other and with other Andean birds, and putting on amazing shows for some winning shots.

We also have 2 multi-flash kits available for rent, for those who want to get a closer look and a clean image. Take a look at some of our images to get a better idea of ​​what you can do using this amazing tool. Our equipment can be used with cameras. Nikon Canon, Sony and Olympus, soon we will have for other brands of cameras. Please ask for a reservation.

Toucans & Tanagers

After hummingbirds, these 2 families of birds are some of the most frequent birds that visit the Chocó Andino Biosphere Reserve. That is why at Birdwatcher's House, we have created a special area dedicated to these and other outstanding species from our private reserve. From a hidden room, surrounded by cloud forest, you will have the perfect view of different types of birds enjoying one of their favorite foods (sweet bananas) while taking turns eating, or taking advantage of their size to scare others.

Expect to see around twelve species of tanagers (we've recorded 18), the endemic Plate-billed Toucan, and others such as pale-eyed thrush, guans, forest doves, and wood vines. We have space for up to 15 people with their cameras at the same time. As most of us already know, the best time to enjoy the view is in the morning and in the afternoon.


Everyone knows that an image with some reflection can be a winning opportunity. That is why two of our favorite hides are these water mirrors, where the birds love to come to bathe, drink and play or simply feed, revealing their most fascinating nature in front of the camera. The stages are of different sizes in one they can photograph up to 12 people at the same time and in the second only four at the same time, with tripods and cameras, which helps us maintain the stillness and silence that these shoots require. We have recorded up to 18 different species coming to our pool every day.

Keep in mind that this is cloud forest, and while we'd like to say that sunshine is guaranteed at a certain time of day or year, clouds and rain can arrive at any time. We know that the best weather for this type of photos is a perfect sunny day, so we can tell you that there are more chances to get them between May and December, or during the mornings all year round.

Insect Feeders

Lots of birds like bugs and catching them in action and this can be a perfect shot! Birdwatcher's House offers a fantastic setting in the middle of the cloud forest, where the light stays on all night to attract a large number of insects. Birds from all over the forest come to this place early in the morning to take the food of the day. We have counted up to 42 species including Wood Vines, Woodcreepers, Flycatchers, Woodpeckers, Tapaculos, Tanagers, Jays, three types of Antpittas Etc.

We have space for up to 15 people with their cameras at the same time. A perfect time is to come here very early at dawn to take some unique photos and continue with a visit to the hideout of Tanagers, Toucans and Hummingbirds, also, if you are looking for owls, this is a great place to see them at night. Expect to see other types of animals and amphibians.

Frequently Asked Questions

We organize tours for sighting and photography of more than 50 species of birds.
The most recommended months for bird watching are from July to September. The months where it rains the most in Mindo is from January to March.
We offer transfer service from the airport to the Hotel
We offer Tours outside of Mindo