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Insect Eaters

Some birds just love insects and catching them in action can make a perfect shot! Birdwatcher’s House offers a fantastic setting in the middle of the cloud forest, where ultraviolet black light is on all night to attract a huge amount of insects. Birds from all over the forest come to this place early in the morning to have the meal of the day. We have counted up to 42 species, including wood creepers, tree hunters, flycatchers, woodpeckers and three kinds of antpittas.

We have room for up to 15 people with their cameras, at the same time. A perfect schedule is to come here very early at dawn for some unique shots, and continue with a visit to the Toucans & Tanagers hide. Also, if you’re looking for owls, this is a great spot to see them at night. Expect to see other types of animals, like lizards and frogs.


Photography by Vinicio Pérez - All rights reserved