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Reflection Pool

Everyone knows that a picture with some reflection on it, can be a winning shot. That is why one of our favorite hides is this reflection pool, where birds love to come and bathe, drink and play, revealing their most fascinating nature in front of the camera. The setting is small and we can only have four people with their cameras, at the same time, which help us to keep the stillness and quietness that this shootings require. We have registered up to 10 different species coming to our pool every day.

Please note that this is the cloud forest, and as much as we would like to say that sunlight is guaranteed at certain time of the day or year, clouds and rain can come at any moment. We know that the best weather for this kind of pictures is a perfect sunny day, so what we can tell you is that there are more chances of getting those between May and November, or during the mornings throughout the year.

DSC 0509-5
VHP 1358
VHP 2201
VHP 3774-2
VHP 4773
VHP 4795

Photography by Vinicio Pérez - All rights reserved