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Toucans & Tanagers

After hummingbirds, these two species are some of the most famous among bird lovers visiting the Choco Andino Biosphere Reserve. That is why at Birdwatcher’s House, we have created a special area dedicated to these and other outstanding species of our private reserve. From a hidden room, surrounded by cloud forest, you will have the perfect view of different types of birds enjoying one of their favorite meals (sweet plantains) while taking turns to eat, or making use of their size to scare others away.

Expect to see around eight species of tanagers (we have registered 18), the endemic Plate-billed mountain toucan, and others like the Pale-eyed thrush, guans, forest doves, and wood creepers. We have room for up to 15 people with their cameras, at the same time. As most of you already know, the best time to enjoy the view is in the morning and in the afternoon.


Photography by Vinicio Pérez - All rights reserved